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Events of the City


  • sabor barranquilla

In mid-August and for three days, is celebrated this traditional Gastronomic event which highlights the culinary values ​​of the Colombian Caribbean, Indigenous Culture, European, Black and Asian. This show brings the best experts in this field performing on stage shows, workshops, conferences, trade show and business conference.



International Film Festival of Barranquilla where around 76 productions including documentaries and shorts from countries like Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Spain and Colombia among others present.

With the premise that film festivals are not only to showcase and recognize excellence, but also to keep alive the creative processes and generate new ideas and discussions on issues related to the seventh art, looking potentiate FICBAQ projects Latin American film that are under development through its creation Laboratories; Forum Caribbean production, screenwriting workshop and other training activities.

Fuente: Página oficial FICBAQ: www.ficbaq.com



  • Barranquijazz

Barranquijazz is the festival of jazz and Latin jazz most important of Colombia and the Caribbean, held annually the second week of September since 1997 in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia. This musical event aims to promote the appreciation of Jazz and Caribbean music and brings together various African and Caribbean rhythms that are among the Cuban Son, Salsa, Mambo, Bolero, Charanga, Cha Cha Cha, Bossa Nova, Samba, Gitana, among others, which eventually give rise to the meaning and "Latin Jazz" or Latin jazz.

Fuente: Página oficial Barranquijazz. www.barranquijazz.com

Plataforma K

During the month of March in Plataforma K, designers / brands projecting the value of their products to their strategic public: Both domestic and international buyers, press, end consumers and the general public who in search of difference, creativity and design high quality, in this event the best.

  • Plataforma K_3

Carnaval de las Artes


The Carnival of the Arts is a four day event, designed to provide a tribute to the greatest creators of the world, know their life and work, study their creation and stimulate among the inhabitants of our city, a reflection depth on the various elements that make up living and traditional Carnival of Barranquilla, declared by UNESCO World Heritage.
This event takes place the same day of the Carnival at Restaurant La Cueva, Amira de la Rosa Theatre and Cinematheque Caribbean.

Festival Internacional de Cuenteros El Caribe Cuenta

International event of humor and stories held annually in August, organized by the Luneta 50 Foundation.


Festival Internacional de Poesía en el Caribe

  • Festival Internacional de Poesía en el Caribe.

The International Poetry Festival in the Caribbean, poems, is a cultural event free of that, since 2008, is held annually in the city of Barranquilla, as well as various municipalities in the department of the Atlantic. Game poems voices arises between Poetry, Mar Y Rio.

Artists Salon Costeños

Organised annually by the Chamber of Commerce of Barranquilla, aimed at encouraging and promoting the creative values ​​of the new figures of the arts in the Colombian Caribbean.

  • salon de artistas costeños

Look Fotomaratón Center


Look To The Center Fotomaratón a successful lesson worthy of mention and be an example key research in urban sociology, which is called "Strategies of social appropriation of heritage to revitalize the historic center of Barranquilla.

Feast of Music

Encuentro cultural que se realiza en Colombia desde el 2001, la actividad que tiene como objetivo celebrar la música, integra artistas de diversos géneros en más de 150 países y cerca de 456 ciudades.
En la capital del Atlántico, la Fiesta de la Música  es organizada por la Alianza Francesa de Barranquilla, la Alcaldía de Barranquilla, Bellas Artes, Fesdimac, el Parque Cultural del Caribe, Biblopaz, Comfamiliar, Rueda de Cumbia, Tuna Mayor Corazonista y el Centro Cultural Cayena – Universidad del Norte. El evento, además, cuenta con el apoyo de Sayco, la Corporación Luis Eduardo Nieto Arteta, el Teatro la Sala, la Sociedad del Mejorar Publicas, Centro Comercial Villa Country y La Embajada de Francia en Colombia

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