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The Hotel

Our History

Started in 1997 as a family home located at Carrera 52 No. 75 -30, which later thanks to the returns generated by the business and its owners' faith, extended to a two-story building with 25 rooms.

Many years later, this building was sold and the new owners made ​​it a two-star hotel known as The Country North, increasing the number of floors and refurbishing the hotel as a whole. To allow for these changes some neighboring lands were purchased and used for the construction of a parking lot, swimming pool, meeting rooms and the creation of the fourth and fifth floors; the latter being the most luxurious at the time. After these changes the hotel went from 25 to 59 rooms.

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In May of 2001, NORTH COUNTRY HOTEL passed to a new company, which was responsible for completely remodeling all existing homes and creating the sixth floor and its 72 rooms.
As of October 2005 the hotel's name changed to COUNTRY INTERNATIONAL HOTEL, managing and projecting a new image as the best hotel in town. These evolutions allowed in 2007 to obtain a 5-star rating, certifying the hotel's standard.

In an effort to be at the forefront of design and decoration, and taking into account new hotel chains that competed directly with the Country International Hotel, another renovation was done in 2010 in rooms and the lobby, working on a minimalist style offering comfort and convenience to guests.

In 2011 was created an office in Bogotá, which directly serves customers in this region, offering personalized service and giving more impetus to the process of Marketing Sales.

To this date the hotel is recognized within for the excellent quality of service , 17 years of experience and development in the hotel market worthy of recognition at the local, national and international levels, accommodating corporate executives, artists, personalities from the media and athletes.

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